Special Announcement from the Board

Social Workers! Do not forget to vote for your representatives.

There are still options available for you to 'write in' your prospective representative.

Thank you!

The NASW-AK Board of Directors would like the membership to be aware that we are in a period of transition in management. Until this period of transition has been resolved, the office will not be staffed on a regular basis.


Email and postal mail are being monitored by volunteer board members as they are able. While we are not currently able to answer all correspondence as promptly as we would like, your concerns are important to us, and messages will be returned as soon as we are able.


The online video library is available, and CEUs will be processed as quickly as possible. Please email the CEU coordinator, Jennifer Engelby, at prof.dev@nasw-mo.org for any CEU related issues.


NASW-AK is your organization, and in the interest of promptly bringing it through this transition and back to a full level of service, we encourage members to participate in the conference and other committees. To get involved, contact your regional representative.


We thank you for your patience and your service to the communities of Alaska.

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